DOWN Application – A Dangerous Message

My parents gave me “the talk” long after I heard it from my friends and in much more detail. Most parents have a hard time discussing the subject with their children, but it is all a part of the great circle of life. The important thing is that parents do have these discussions and stress the importance on the dangers of making mistakes that can affect you for the rest of your life. Sexually active lifestyles are prone to unplanned pregnancies and sexually transmitted infections that have a permanent impact on people of any age. We can tell them about sex and explain the negative repercussions of unprotected sex but they will find out all the gory details from their friends, even if we shield them as much as possible.

We can’t wrap our children in cotton wool and hope for the best because they need to be educated correctly in order for them to make the right decisions when they are older. They will be confronted with situations at some point and they will need to make decisions so we should help educate our youth to make the correct decisions. We also have to understand that we are living in a digital world and kids who use the Internet are often exposed to pornography and other undesirable material despite our attempts to censor them.

The DOWN application

This being said, what we don’t need is our children using an application that was originally called “Bang with Friends”. I’m not making that up and the application now called DOWN promotes promiscuity on a level I have not seen before. A responsible adult can look for love and meet people however they want. In the 21st century, dating has come full circle and social customs have changed dramatically. I’m sure our parents felt the same way. Where I draw the line however, is an application like down that promotes and encourages friends to meet and have casual sex. That is exactly what the DOWN application does and this is not something I would be interested in even in my wilder days.

I don’t like the idea of this particular application in general. I understand dating websites, because they serve a purpose in this day and age, but the DOWN application simply promotes care free lifestyles doomed for failure. You sign up to the application and it gets access to your social media lists. Then it looks for people in those lists, who are local and of the desired sexual orientation and poses the awkward question, “Would you get down with them?” If you would, then you can chat with each other and agree to meet up and do whatever it is you intend to do. I have family and close family friends on my social media, so I don’t really want to be asked if I would sleep with them. The application states that the user needs to be over the age of 18 years of age but there are ways around this with tech-savvy children often being the first to discover these methods.

The dangers of DOWN

Originally the idea was to keep it amongst friends and people would only connect with people they know from Facebook. That, unfortunately has all changed and the application will connect you with total strangers. It can only be assumed that this was an attempt to get more users onto their application. They have a very small paragraph in their FAQ’s that lets you know this but you are not likely to go for looking for it. This makes the application extremely risky because predators and imposters will use the platform in order to find younger users.

The real danger is the message that DOWN sends: casual sex is fine, one-night-stands are acceptable and promiscuity is normal. If we start to give this message to children, we are inviting trouble without a doubt.

This is the real danger with DOWN: the message it sends to impressionable minds is that hooking up with people is what grownups do. If you didn’t know about it before, now you do. When it comes to your children getting DOWN on the smartphone or tablet you provided, the answer is “NO”.

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