Dangers of Texting and Driving Shown Through VR Simulator

The well known company AT&T has stepped into a whole new realm of reality with its new “It Can Wait” driving simulator. Without a trip to the hospital it has shown firsthand the dangers of texting and driving. Most of us are guilty at one point or another of doing this, some more frequently than others. According to Distraction.gov, distracted driving claims over 3,000 lives per year and that number is still climbing. Also take into account many others who suffer physical and or emotional scars as a result. AT&T has assembled simulations to show teens and young adults throughout the country that their actions of choosing to text and drive do not go without consequences.

With the growing popularity of cell phones and social media the problem has become more prevalent. With the help of new technology we hope to educate those to the dangers they create as well as the dangers they could potentially not avoid due to that decision to simply reply to an unimportant text or press “like” on a social media post. Simply because an individuals reaction time is decreased by one minor distraction this habit is fatal. Many places ban texting while driving, but these are only effective after a problem has occurred. Each individual must make the choice to not text and drive before causing the problem in the first place. The goal is to inform audiences that rules are in place to save lives, and show just how easily an accident can occur.

This topic can be debated many different ways and some might say,”at least I’m not drinking and driving” however any way you put it, driving distracted is in the same category. A drunk driver passing through an intersection may likely swerve to avoid a pedestrian however a person texting would not even be aware the pedestrian had entered their lane of travel. Life is precious and though it may not occur to most, life can be ended in the blink of an eye, and it takes much longer to send even a short text like “LOL”. Although AT&T’s distracted driving simulator may let an individual walk away unscathed, they will walk away with a greater understanding of just how poor of a decision texting and driving really is.

Countless hours of research and dedication have gone into the new It Can Wait driving simulator with no profit in mind. The ultimate goal of this project is to simply educate the population with the hopes of saving lives. Perhaps you would like to see for yourself what It Can Wait has to offer, the Texting and Driving Simulator is available as an online experience for anyone to try. People who have experienced the simulator first hand have walked away with new respect for safe driving, and although some may not text and drive, their life could be spared by a young adult who has experienced AT&T’s simulator and made the conscious decision to let that irrelevant text or that silly social media update wait until they are not behind the wheel. No matter what your age or driving history it is pertinent we all practice safety this is the next step towards ensuring we all make it home safely.

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