Text Message and Online Chat Acronyms and Abbreviations

It was the early 1990s when the first text message was sent from a computer to a cell phone, and it changed the way we communicate with each other to this day. In those days, cell phones had extremely limited memory and computing power. Even processing the smallest amounts of data could be a major task, and the wireless infrastructure at the time was not able to get reliable connections, and connections were always slow.

At first the SMS or Simple Messaging System was used by wireless providers as ways to send messages or emergency alerts to their subscribers or workers in the field. Over time, cell phones were equipped with programs which would allow phones or pagers to send text messages to each other. Text messages provided many benefits by giving the ability to send private messages without making a phone call.

Today, teens communicate with text messages all the time. Our phones can send emails and chat with computers over instant messenger programs. Acronyms are used frequently in online chat rooms, forums and Internet gaming. Different groups use acronyms differently, but many times an acronym only means one thing. IYKWIM, U”LL TMWFI N TMOT, if not, U’LL PROLLY TMB. G2G. TTYL.

If you’ve ever seen a text and thought maybe someone made a mistake typing or maybe you’re lost, then chances are that you’re looking at an acronym and someone is sending actual information. Read below to see a list of commonly used acronyms and start deciphering and decoding all those texts that don’t make sense.

2DAY / 2MORO / 2NITE – Today / Tonight / Tomorrow
4EAE – Forever and Ever
404- Not Found or I Don’t Know
411 – Information
AAR – At Any Rate
ADN – Any Day Now
ADDY – Address
AFAIK  – As Far As I Know
AOTA – All of the Above
ASAP – As Soon As Possible
ASL – Requesting a newcomer’s Age, Sex and Location
ATM – At the Moment
B4 – Before
B9 – Boss is Watching
BBFN / BB4N – Bye Bye For Now
BC – Because
BF / GF – Boyfriend / Girlfriend
BFF – Best Friends Forever
BFFL – Best Friends For Life
BFN / B4N – Bye for Now
BIB – Boss is Back
BRB – Be Right Back
BTDT – Been There, Done That
BTW – By The Way
CD9 – Code 9, parents are watching
CRZ – Crazy
CYA – See You (later)
DV8 – Deviate
DWBH – Don’t Worry, Be Happy
E1 – Everyone
EOD – End of Day
EOT – End of Transmission
EZ – Easy
F2F / FTF – Face to Face
FB – Facebook
FML – F*** my Life
FTL – For the Loss
FTW –  For the Win (in gaming) or F*** the World
FUBAR – Fouled Up Beyond All Recognition
FWIW – For What It’s Worth
FYI – For Your Information
G2G / GTG – Got to Go
GL – Good Luck
GLHF – Good Luck, Have Fun
GNSD – Good Night, Sweet Dreams
GR8 – Great
GUD – Good
H8r – Hater
HO – Hang On or Hold On
IDC – I Don’t Care
IDK – I Don’t Know
IKR – I know, right?
ILU / ILY – I Love You
IMHO – In My Honest or Humble Opinion
IMO – In My Opinion
IRL – In Real Life
IYKWIM – If You Know What I Mean
IU2U / IUTU – It’s Up to You
IWALY – I Will Always Love You
J4F – Just for Fun
JK – Just Kidding
JMO – Just My Opinion
JP – Just Playing
JSYK – Just So You Know
KOW – Knock On Wood
KPC – Keeping Parents Clueless
L8R – Later
LBAY – Laughing Back At You
LIC – Like I Care
LMAO – Laughing My A** Off
LMK – Let Me Know
LOL – Laughing Out Loud
LOTI – Laughing On the Inside
MOS / DOS – Mom Over Shoulder / Dad Over Shoulder
MTF – More to Follow
MTFBWY – May the Force Be With You
MYOB – Mind Your Own Business
N2M / NTM – Nothing Too Much
N – And
NAGI – Not a Good Idea
NE – Any
NE1 – Anyone
NH – Nice Hand (online card games)
NIGI – Now I Get It
NM – Not Much
NOYB – None of Your Business
NSFW – Not Safe For Work
NVM – Never Mind
OMG – Oh my God
OO – Over and Out
OOTO – Out of the Office
OOTD – One of These Days
ORLY? – Oh, really?
OT – Off Topic
OTB – Off to Bed
OTL – Off to Lunch
OTT – Over the Top
P2P / PTP – Peer to Peer
PAL – Parents Are Listening
PAW – Parents are Watching
PCM – Please Call Me
PITA – Pain In The Ass
PIR – Parent In the Room
PLZ – Please
POS – Parent Over Shoulder
PPL – People
PROLLY – Probably
RME – Rolling My Eyes
ROTFL – Rolling on the Floor, Laughing
RUOK? – Are You OK?
S2R / STR – Send to Receive
SMH – Shaking My Head
SRSLY – Seriously
SSDD – Same Stuff, Different Day
STFU – Shut the F*** Up
SWAK – Sealed With a Kiss
SWYP? – So What’s Your Problem?
TMB – Text Me Back
TMI – Too Much Information
TMOT – Trust Me on This
TMWFI – Take My Word For It
TTYL – Talk to You Later
TY – Thank You
U’LL – You Will
UR -You’re or You Are
WE – Whatever
WTF – What the F***
WTG – Way to Go
WTPA? – Where’s the Party At?
Y – Why
YG2BK – You’ve Got to Be Kidding
YW – You’re Welcome

Now you know the language your teens use. Have you seen any of these that are not on the list? Leave a comment below and we’ll add it along with its definition.

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