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Learn how to set up and use TeenShield

Prepare Your Account

After you sign up for TeenShield you will receive an email containing your account information. If you did not use the standard sign up form to create your account, visit the Registration Page to register your account. After you purchase, you will receive a registration code via email which will unlock your account's full potential.

You will apply this registration code inside your account. To begin, login to your account. Then in the upper-right corner, click on your email address for the drop-down menu. Then select License Info as shown below.

On the License Info page (shown below), click Add License.

On the Add License page, copy and paste your License Key(s) from your order email into the field provided. Then click Add License to add the license as shown below.

Next, you will need to setup the device your child uses to work with TeenShield.

For an iOS device click here.
For an Android device click here.

iOS Devices

You do not need to install an app in order to use TeenShield with your iPhone or iPad which your child uses. Simply enable iCloud on the device and then add the account to your TeenShield online control panel. The steps to do these items are outlined below.

Step 1
Enable iCloud on Device

We highly suggest using a separate, new Apple ID just for this purpose and don't let your child know the password. Once you have a new account ready, on the device your teen uses, go to Settings > iCloud. On iOS 10.3 and up, go to Settings > (User Name) > iCloud.

If you see options here then there is already an iCloud account enabled and it should be removed so your child cannot disable the iCloud. If you don't see any options, then login using the new Apple ID and password to enable iCloud. You will then be brought to the iCloud settings screen as shown below.

*Note: If you have previously setup an iCloud account on the device you will need to know the password to disable it.

Adjust settings to appear the same as the screens below.


All options should be turned ON. Note: Family Sharing is optional, it will work either way.

The "Find My iPhone" is important to turn on if you want to be able to track your child's GPS locations.

The limit for a free iCloud account is 5 gigabytes, so you may choose to not upload the photos if you expect the device's camera roll to exceed that amount.


Step 2
NOTE: This step is critical if you want your logs to appear. If you don't perform this step you will not receive logs.
Perform iCloud Backup

After you have Enabled and turned on the options for iCloud, tap the Backup menu item from the iCloud screen. Then, make sure iCloud Backup is turned ON (Green).

After that, it is extremely important to tap the Back Up Now command. The device must be connected to Wifi to do this. Wait for the backup to finish.


In the future, a backup will automatically be performed once the device is plugged in, connected to Wifi and asleep. This is important for continuous log retrieval inside your TeenShield account.

Please note: Backups to iCloud are automatic, however iCloud sometimes delays the backups for 24-48 hours before they are accessible.


Step 3
Add iCloud Account to TeenShield Online Control Panel

Step 3 consists of sub-steps labeled A through G.

Step 3A. Login to your TeenShield Online Control Panel. After you login you will be taken to the Add Device screen as shown below. Then click the Get Started button.

Step 3B. You will then begin adding your device by entering your child's name, date of birth and the iCloud account email address and password as shown below. Then click Next.

Step 3C. On the first screen, enter your child's Name, your iCloud username and password you use on the device, then your child's birthdate and click Next.

Step 3D. Then let the page finish loading. If you see a list of devices, skip to Step 3F. If you instead see a prompt for a code, it means you have two-factor authentication enabled for your iCloud ID. In that case, on your device, a screen may pop up asking to Allow or Deny access, tap Allow. It will then show you a code. Keep it on the screen. If neither of those things happen on your device, then on the device go to Settings > (User ID) > iCloud > Password & Security > Get Verification Code.

Step 3E. Enter the verification code into the box in TeenShield and hit Next.

Step 3F. Wait until the page finishes loading and you should see the list of devices associated with your iCloud account. Click Select on the device you intend to monitor.

Step 3G. Since iCloud accounts can only be called once every 24 hours, your device will be added to the stream of downloads approximately 24 hours after you select it. After that the system will put your downloads in the queue every day at varying times. So you would then start to see logs within another 24 hours of the device was selected.

If during the process you get a "Safety Window" message, it means the iCloud account was last called less than 24 hours ago. This is a feature of the new TeenShield system. Your iCloud account will likely lock if it were tried before then. So please wait until at least 24 hours after your last attempt and then try again.

If your iCloud account has multiple devices, select the device your child uses. Be sure to select the correct device as this cannot be changed later. After you click Select Device, you will be brought to the final screen where you can click Finish to go to your account.

Important Note: After you backup a device for the first time to iCloud it takes 24-48 hours for it to start appearing as selectable. So if you don't see your device listed here and you recently performed the first backup, then try adding the device again after 24-48 hours.

Now that your device is added it will take some time for logs to start entering your account. This can take up to 24 hours but is often within 6-12 hours. Please remember that logs will not immediately appear and this is normal.

After your logs start appearing they will automatically update as long as your iCloud backup is activated on the device and it performs daily backups automatically. Remember, for this to happen automatically the device must be connected to Wifi and plugged in. You can also manually perform a backup on the device by tapping Back Up Now mentioned in Step 1.

Once you have given time for the logs to start appearing you can use the Online Control Panel to monitor your teen's activities.

Android Device Installation

1. First, enable the Android device your child uses to install non-Market applications.

To do so, go to Settings, then Security.

Then tap the checkbox next to Unknown Sources to allow the installation of non-Market applications. The check inside the box will fill with color once this is done as shown below.

After this is done, return to your Home screen.

2. Once you return to your Home screen, tap on the Internet icon to bring up your Internet browser.

3. Now you will need to download TeenShield onto the device. In the address bar, type in the following URL as shown in the images below. Then tap Go.

4. The next screen will appear as below. The download process will then begin. The following prompt will flash on the screen for a few seconds:

5. Once the prompt vanishes, press your Home button on the phone to get to the Home screen. Now you should tap the folder for your downloads. Normally this is on the Home screen as shown below. On some devices it might be in the Apps list.

6. Your Downloads folder will now appear and look similar to the below screen. Tap the "teenshield.apk" icon. This is the file you just downloaded.

7. After you tap the icon, TeenShield you will be shown a screen similar to below. Tap Install.

After you tap Install, the following screen will appear. Tap the Next button as shown below.

After you tap Next, the following screen will appear. Tap the Install button as shown below to perform the actual installation.

TeenShield will now install. This next screen will appear showing the installation progress.

8. Once TeenShield is completely installed, this final screen will appear. When you see this screen, tap the Open button to automatically launch TeenShield so you can login to connect it to your account.

9. TeenShield will now load and you will see the loading screen below.

10. You will then be taken to the login screen as shown below. Enter your username, password, child's name and date of birth of your child. Then tick the box to agree to the terms and conditions. Finally, tap Authenticate.

11. After authentication you will be presented with a one-time screen below. It is important to tap Activate on this screen. It sets up the program so your child will not be able to uninstall it without your permission.

TeenShield is now installed. Please proceed to the next section, Android App Settings to get a better understanding of how the Android app works and how to configure settings.

For added security you can safely delete the teenshield.apk file from your downloads folder. You can also clear the web history in the web browser.

Android App Settings

Now that you have installed the Android version of TeenShield, you should be aware of how it works and how to change settings. By default, the program has an icon and notification that the device is being monitored. While we always recommend you keep the reminder icon turned on, this can be disabled later.

Tapping the icon opens a small program reminding your child they are being monitored for their protection. That screen is shown below.

Changing Settings: To change settings of the Android App, launch the interface for the child by tapping the TeenShield icon. Then tap the menu at the top right corner as shown below, and tap Settings.

You will now be asked your password as shown below. Enter the password for your account into the box, then tap OK.

After you enter your password you will be presented with the main Settings screen as shown below.

The settings screen consists of 5 groups of settings which can be changed as listed below. You can also tap "SYNC" to instantly synchronize your logs. This is also done automatically.

Device Activity Logging
Here you can toggle which activities will be monitored. To disable logging an activity, simply toggle its switch to OFF.

GPS Location Tracking
Here you can choose whether or not to track GPS locations and choose the interval in which locations of your child will be tracked.

Restrict Applications
To disable or block certain applications, turn the Filter ON and then select which apps you would like to block by turning those apps ON.

Website Filtering
To disable or block certain websites, turn the Filter ON and then add domain names to the Blacklist by pressing the plus sign. For example you can add "" to block all access.

Security Settings
Here you can toggle Monitoring on or off, choose whether or not to display the icon and notification, or uninstall TeenShield completely. If you don't display the icon and notification to your child, you will then access the interface by dialing this phone number: #12345*

Anytime you change settings, remember to press the Home button to exit the Settings app, then restart the device so that it can load with the new settings enabled.

Online Control Panel

The Online Control Panel is where you log in from any computer, tablet or smartphone that is connected to the internet in order to monitor your teen's activities.


Log In
Log in to your Online Control Panel.

Go to and you will see the login screen as shown below. Enter your email address and password.


Viewing Logs
How to monitor your child's activity

After you have setup your account and installed to your device which your child uses, you can begin monitoring using the control panel. After you have signed in to your account you will be brought to the Overview page as shown below.


You will see options to view logs on the left side of the screen. Each option takes you to a various log type. From there you can navigate pages of logs, export or delete logs. Below the various log types are listed. Please note that some log types are only available for Android devices.

Text Messages
View text messages and iMessages sent and received on the device.

Call History
View the details of calls including number, time duration and timestamp.

WhatsApp Messages

View WhatsApp chats including sent/received, username and timestamp.

Kik Messages

View Kik chats including sent/received, username and timestamp.

GPS Locations

View your child's GPS location on a map at the interval you set.


View photos your child has snapped on the device along with timestamp.

Address Book

View contacts from the address book including name, number and email address.

Websites Visited

View websites visited by your child in the native browser of the device.

Apps Installed

View non-default apps your child has installed to the device.

App Filtering

Filter or block specific apps from being able to be launched on the device.

Custom Website Filtering

Filter or block specific websites from being able to be accessed on the device.

Add License
Monitor multiple devices in one account by adding licenses.

TeenShield requires a license number to be added to the online control panel for each device that you want to monitor. After you purchase a license, the license number is sent to your email address.

To add the license, log in to the online control panel, mouse-over or tap the email address at the top right and select License Info from the drop-down menu.

Click the Add License button on the right.

Then paste your license into the field and click Add License. Your new license will be inserted into your account and you can install on another device your child uses.


Why am I not receiving Logs?
iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch Devices

The system automatically checks your iCloud account two times per day for new logs. If your logs aren't updating, or you haven't received any logs at all then you should check to make sure that you have done ALL of the following things on the device you own which your child uses:

  • You have turned on iCloud on the device and adjusted settings as described here.
  • You have turned on iCloud Backup and tapped Back Up Now as described here.
  • You have added the device to your TeenShield account as described here.
  • You have waited at least 24 hours for the data to synchronize.

If your logs start fine but do not update, then it is likely that your iCloud Backup cannot perform automatically because it doesn't have an active WiFi connection while the device charges each day. Make sure the device keeps an active WiFi connection during charging and the logs will constantly update each day. You can also manually perform a backup on the device anytime by going to Settings > iCloud > Backup > Back Up Now. Please also note that logs will not update after your child has turned 18 according to their birthdate which you entered when adding your device.

Another reason you might not be receiving logs is that Apple two-step authentication is turned on for your Apple ID. You can turn this off by going here, then select Manage your Apple ID and sign in. Then select the Password and Security tab. Then click to turn off the two-step authentication.

After you have confirmed everything is setup as above and you have performed a recent backup on the device in Settings > iCloud > Backup > Backup Now, your TeenShield account should start showing the logs within 24 hours.

Android Devices

After you install the app to the device you own which your child uses, you should enter the app and then enter the username and password for your account, along with your child's actual birth date. Please note logs will stop updating when your child turns 18 according to the birthdate you entered when you installed the app. If you are not receiving logs please make sure you have done ALL of the following:

  • You have installed the app as described here.
  • You have launched the app and entered your username, password and child's date of birth as described here.
  • You have restarted the device after installation.
  • You have waited at least 12 hours for the data to synchronize.

If your logs start fine but do not update, then it is likely that the device cannot get a good Internet connection. The device needs an Internet connection to update logs to your account. Try rebooting the device by turning it off and then back on again to reset the Internet connection.


Removing TeenShield
Here is how you as the parent can remove TeenShield.

For iOS devices:
Inside your online control panel, go to the drop-down menu in the top right corner. Then click My Devices. Then click the icon next to the device name and select Deactivate Device.

If you wish to disable iCloud on the device simply go to Settings > iCloud > Delete Account.

For Android devices:
Inside your online control panel, go to the drop-down menu in the top right corner. Then click My Devices. Then click the icon next to the device name and select Uninstall.

For Android devices you can also go to Settings > Security Settings > Uninstall TeenShield.

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