Have Your Kids Turn Off Screens at Bed Time

Do you have this habit of keeping your television, tablet, or computer screen on even when it’s about time to drift off to dreamland? Is your phone always on and does it wake you up in the middle of the night just because a friend sent you a message or gave you a call when you’re already sleeping? Did you know that staying up by the screen’s light can lead to serious health problems from poor sleep? If you answered yes to these questions, then it’s about time you break away from these habits.

Televisions and gadgets like the phone, tablet, and computer are very beneficial to mankind. They make life easier for everybody but sometimes people tend to use them inappropriately or at the wrong time. Many individuals would rather watch TV the whole day than to go out and exercise. Teens these days seem to prefer spending the majority of their free time surfing the web, updating their social media accounts, downloading movies and music, playing online games, and chatting with friends instead of studying their lessons, working on projects, or going out of the house to socialize.

However, this doesn’t mean they have to stop using the television, phone, tablet, or computer. Let’s face it, these are staples today. What’s important is that your teen knows how to use them properly and control themselves from being addicted to them. One very effective way to prevent smartphone and Internet addiction and other ill effects of too much exposure to these items is to keep the screen off during bed time. Here are the reasons why you should make sure they do so.

Reason 1: Avoid distractions

The sudden sound coming from your television, the ringing or beeping of your phone, and the bright light from your computer or tablet can distract you from going to sleep. For instance, you might want to be asleep by 9 p.m. because you have to be awake very early to get to school or to the office the next day. You’re already in bed and suddenly a friend calls up. You started talking and before you know it an hour has already passed. The same thing when you have already closed your eyes and all of a sudden you received a notification for a game you’re playing on your tablet or computer. Since it couldn’t wait until the next day, you have to get up and check it and there goes that idea of going to sleep early as everyone else has something to say on their social media page throughout the night.

Reason 2: Give your body its much needed rest

Getting enough sleep every day is vital to your overall health and wellness. Sleep deprivation can lead to some serious health condition like insomnia, high blood pressure, heart attack, and stroke. If there’s one thing that keeps people awake most of the night it has to be technology, specifically television, phones, tablets, and computers. These items so effectively entertain people that once they get hooked to them, they don’t know when to stop. How can they rest their tired eyes or relieve their body of stress when they’re too busy tinkering with these items? The effort required for paying attention is one thing, but the light emitted from these screens actually prevent the body from producing enzymes that begin the sleep process. The body thinks that the screen is daylight, so it must not be tired.The best thing to do is turn off the screens and even the units themselves when it’s already bed time. This way you get sufficient rest and undisturbed sleep your body needs.

Reason 3: Save on electricity

This is the most practical reason why you should turn off those screens especially when you’re going to sleep and nobody will be using them. Keeping your computer screen on for instance throughout the night consumes electricity. It’s a waste of money to keep it on and poses as a danger too. Once you turn it completely off, you’re saving power and at the same time prevent any more distractions throughout the night. It may not be much for just one phone, but think about the many television screens, computers, cable boxes, modems, etc. that would not be using any power at all if they were turned off. Zero costs infinitely less than “just a little” electricity usage from our many devices throughout the day and then all night long as well.

The next time you want to keep the screen on at night for your TV, phone, tablet or computer, think of the effects of such action. You won’t be able to sleep well as it will distract you throughout the night, cause your electric bill to soar, and expose you to stress and other illnesses from bad sleep habits in the long run. Prevent all these by turning that screen off during bed time.

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