Parental iPhone Monitoring With No Jailbreak Needed

Having the right tools for the job makes all of the difference between having an easy task or a difficult time. When it comes to getting important things done, it’s always best to make things as uncomplicated as possible so that it can be done correctly and with the least amount of stress. When it comes to parents who need to monitor the way their children use their iPhones, parents want to be able to check on their kids without the need for a bunch of complicated steps. That is why TeenShield offers parental iPhone Monitoring with no jailbreak needed and no software to install on the monitored device.

Parents who use TeenShield to monitor their child’s iPhone are able to check on the iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch they have provided their child at any time and from anywhere. The innovative technology makes it easy for parents to access the details from all of their children’s phones from a secure panel in their web browser of choice. Parents who must monitor several children can do so from one TeenShield account that conveniently catalogs all of the information the parents need to know in one secure location online.

TeenShield for iPhone works differently than other monitoring applications. On iPhones, iPads and iPods, there is no jailbreak necessary and no application to install on the device. Parents that have signed up for TeenShield will simply sign in to their TeenShield panel and access all logs from all of the iPhones and iPads that they have provided for their children. Most of the time an iPhone or iPad is ready for parents to use TeenShield services, but in some situations there are simple settings to adjust that take just a few minutes.

With TeenShield, parents can see:

  • Text Messages
  • iMessages
  • Calls Dialed or Received
  • GPS Locations
  • Photos Captured
  • Websites Visited
  • Apps Installed
  • WhatsApp Chat Logs
  • Website Bookmarks
  • and More…

To access their child’s logs, parents sign in from the TeenShield homepage or at the TeenShield login from any web browser. Any laptop, desktop, tablet or even a smartphone with an Internet connection gives parents the ability to quickly review where their children have been and what they have been up to.

Does your child stay up late texting? Is someone at school giving them a hard time? How much time does your child spend texting versus the amount of time spent doing research for homework assignments? These are important questions that parents want answers to when their children are using cell phones and tablets at all hours of the day. See the TeenShield features page for more information on what TeenShield offers for parents.

Providing a smartphone for your child is an important decision and is seldom taken lightly. Portable touchscreens with Internet access open up doors for a vastly wide range of delicate situations, placing parents ill at ease with giving their child access to such a device freely. Smartphones might be used to access inappropriate or disturbing material, or kids might contact the wrong kinds of people or worse yet, get duped by shady fraudsters who will use personal data for financial or emotional gain. The Internet can be an intimidating place for those who do not know what is out there. The first part in making sure that children are using smartphones safely is understanding exactly what it is they are using their smartphones or tablets for. Through common sense and open communication, parents and children both can learn together to be responsible smartphone users.

To get started with TeenShield, parents can sign up with a trial account to get a feel for the ins and outs of how it works. A TeenShield trial can be used on an Android device by installing an application to the phone or tablet. Once the application is installed, parents enter the username and password they set up with TeenShield and logs will begin to sync. The application remains in the background and as the children use the smartphone or tablet, logs about their activity are updated in the parent’s panel. For iPhones and iPads there is no jailbreak needed and no application to install. Parents must sign up for a full TeenShield subscription can begin monitoring the iPhones and iPads they’ve provided their children right away with no jailbreak needed.

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